Privacy Policy

What information we collect

  • At our meetings, we circulate a sign-in sheet for keeping our email list up to date. Anyone who does not want to receive our email invitations to meetings, or other occasional updates, does not have to sign in.
  • For events such as the San Antonio Chicken Walk coop tour, we collect more information, including phone number and street address. This is to ensure the security of our coop hosts and other tour attendees, and to facilitate communications. It is not shared.
  • Visitors using the Donate button may make a secure donation through PayPal and/or their credit card. Private payment information is protected by that system and is not available to us.

How we use the information

  • Sign-in information is used to add new members to our MailChimp email list, and to communicate workgroup interests to our workgroup leaders. Workgroup leaders will receive email and phone number for communication purposes.
  • Members of our MailChimp list receive notice of our monthly meetings, and on rare occasions may receive notifications from us of topics of interest, or action items.
  • MailChimp has an unsubscribe feature for those no longer wishing to receive meeting notices. The mailings also provide the ability to invite others who may opt in to our mailings.
  • Access to our MailChimp account is limited to those who administer the account.
  • Specialized lists such as the coop tour registrations are used only to notify the registrants of event details and are retained for notice of the future events. Personal information is never shared.

What we share

  • We do not share your information. Organizations wishing to circulate their own sign-ups at our meetings may do so, but we do not allow them to copy the information we collect.

Updates to this policy

  • Updates to this policy will appear on this page, and will be included in the monthly meeting notice that goes out after the update.

For more information

  • For questions or information on our privacy policy, email info@foodpolicysaorg.