Farmers Markets

Supporting local farmers and farmers markets, and their customers.

Farmers Markets


Anna Macnak
Jovanna Lopez
Alexis (Lexi) Phelps


This workgroup promotes the use of benefits (SNAP, WIC, FMNP, etc) at farmers markets,  supports the creation and sustainability of farmers markets in San Antonio, and advocates for good policies and fair fee structures for producers and market managers.

2020 Goals

  1. Increase community awareness of farmers markets that accept benefits (SNAP, WIC, FMNP, etc.)
  2. Create a network of farmers, urban farmers, farmers markets, local restaurants, and small food markets to support the production, sales, and purchasing of locally grown produce in San Antonio
  3. Develop a map of farmers markets in San Antonio that includes information on bus routes and which farmers markets do or do not take benefits

Farmers Market News

Current COVID-19 guidance includes Farmers Markets in the list of essential services that are allowed to remain open. Some might be using online ordering and/or curbside pickup.