Farm to School

In San Antonio, one in three children are obese and one in five are hungry. Farm to school initiatives are a way to combat these epidemic realities.

Farm to School


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What is Farm to School?

Farm to school is a national movement that supports and encourages schools and districts to adopt up to three program initiatives including: 1.) procuring local ingredients for the school feeding program, 2.) developing school gardens with garden-based learning and 3.) incorporating food and nutrition-related educational opportunities as part of the integrated campus curriculum.

Farm to school empowers students and their families to make educated decisions about the food they eat, as well as strengthens the local economy by supporting and working with local farmers and ranchers. This combination has the power to produce a community of educated and healthy citizens, as well as promote STEM learning opportunities.


Increase the procurement, use and consumption of fresh, local foods in schools, as well as work to enhance or inspire garden-based learning and nutrition education opportunities.

Current Projects

  • Assemble resource guide with local and national resources for those looking to initiate a farm to school project at their school.
  • Highlight and develop map of existing Farm to School and School Garden efforts in Bexar County.
  • Identify local Farm to School Champions from multiple districts who could serve as inspirations to others.

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