For the fourth consecutive year, the FPCSA is part of San Antonio’s Big Give, a city-wide day of focused fundraising scheduled for May 4, 2017. The Big Give, also in its fourth year, hopes to raise $6 million for South Central Texas’ many worthy charitable organizations.

The FPCSA is registered and, beginning on April 27, will be ready to accept donations from donors who value a sustainable, local food system that is accessible to all people. To make a contribution, please visit the Big Give website at

All contributions generated for the FPCSA through the Big Give will support the following initiatives:

  • Research projects to assess the supply, demand, a possibility of food grown in the region and eaten in the city;
  • Developing events to educate and connect growers to resources, as well as encourage sustainable practices;
  • Programming to build school garden capacity and enhance nutrition education;
  • Legislative research and legal language for policy improvements;
  • Joint research initiatives with local and national university systems;
  • Grant writers to help fund broader program initiatives.

If you are interested in learning more about how your generosity can help to sustain the FPCSA’s mission, please watch this video and contribute to the Big Give on May 4 with the FPCSA as the recipient of your donation.

To visit the FPCSA’s profile and make a donation via the Big Give, click here: