Board Development

Are you passionate about food or do you work in the food industry? The FPCSA welcomes nominations of candidates to apply for a volunteer board member role as we work together to push forward positive change in growing San Antonio’s food system.

About Board Development

FPCSA welcomes nominations of candidates who work, volunteer or have a passion for any part of the local food system (growing, production and/or harvesting, processing, transportation and storage, distribution, eating and celebration, waste recovery and education) and who can successfully look beyond their own areas of expertise and work collaboratively with partners throughout the local food system toward the goal of greater community food security and sovereignty in San Antonio.

While all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply, FPCSA is particularly interested in candidates with a focus on healthy and sustainable local food systems. These are our current Work Groups:

This volunteer-led organization depends on the vitality and expertise of board members and other volunteers to assist in furthering the mission and vision to ensure San Antonio’s local food system feeds the community in equitable, sustainable ways.

Qualifications of Potential FPCSA Board Members include:

  • Work in the food system industry or possess a deep understanding of and passion for building a vibrant local food system;
  • Commit to transforming the San Antonio food system into an equitable, sustainable and economically viable system by identifying opportunities and advocating for policy change to support improvements;
  • Attend at least nine (9) monthly board meetings within the year.

General Duties and Responsibilities of Potential FPCSA Board Members may include, but is not limited to:

  • Lead and participate in the functional operation of the organization;
  • Manage communication, outreach and recruitment;
  • Play an active role as a member in at least one Work Group, and preferably, serve as a chair of a Work Group;
  • Recommend corporate and governmental policy development and change that aligns with FPCSA’s mission and FPCSA membership at-large;
  • Participate in organizational events and related activities;
  • Conduct resource development and participate actively in fundraising opportunities through individuals, corporations, foundations and related grants;
  • Record and report progress and challenges;
  • Notify the President and Vice President in advance if unable to attend a meeting;
  • Donate a minimum of $50 annually;
  • Assist with additional fundraising opportunities as needed.

If this is a volunteer role you would like to apply for, please submit the application online using the form below. If you prefer, you can download FPCSA Board Membership Application and email it to

Board Membership Application

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